Is a website still relevant to my business?
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Is a website still relevant to my business in 2022?

So, do you even need a website in 2022 and beyond?

With all the rise and attention on popular social media sites and the ease with which anyone can create an account is a website needed anymore? Why should you invest any of your money when you can make a Facebook/Instagram page in a day for free? Let’s address that and more in the post.

A websites relevance in 2022

With popular social media platforms boosting userbase in the millions and billions this digital age is seen as a golden opportunity for business. Social media is one of the quickest ways to establish an online presence and possibly connect with customers so why would you need a website?

The answer is simple if you think about it. The rise in clutter and noise of social media has only increased the importance of having your own website. Your social media platform is a funnel to your digital world -your website. So, the better question to ask is why have social media accounts without a website to direct attention to? Here are 6 concrete reasons why websites are even more relevant today and will continue to be relevant in the future.

6 reasons why a business still needs a website

– Is a website still relevant to my business

1)You own your website

Your website is not owned or operated by someone else. You own your website and have complete control over the content on it. You also own the traffic (the number of visitors to your website) and can set up your website for users to follow a specific path. Once a visitor lands on your website, they focus all their attention on your brand, unlike social media.

You are not just another page or profile, and you no longer do you have to abide by specific rules and guidelines. Or worry that the rules may change at any time. The viewer visited your site because they are interested in your business. And this gives you way more of their attention than on social media.

2) A website allows you to tell your own story

Websites allow you total control over how your story is portrayed. This can be achieved creatively and strategically using photos, videos, graphics, and text. So, what’s the advantage? You get to stand out from the crowd and share how your business is different from the rest. Which is difficult to achieve using a social media platform with uniform layouts and limited creative options. When was the last time you could completely identify who a business is and what they do on social media as opposed to visiting its website to get the full picture?

3) A website is the backbone of your online presence

Your website is the central digital location of all your digital and offline activities. Everything is connected to your website. From business cards, banners, and print advertisements to social media pages, and online ads. They all need a central location to collect views and potential customers and turn them into actual customers. Good luck doing that with only a social media page.

As the central hub of all your business activities your website if structured properly will:

  • Have general and specific information about your business
  • Highlight your products and services
  • Give updates
  • Provide training
  • Give details about your business
  • Display your company’s policies
  • Accept online payments (eCommerce)

And much more. A website makes a business look and feel more credible, relatable, transparent, and most importantly, trustworthy.

– Is a website still relevant to my business

4) It allows your business to get found online

With over 6.3 million searches per minute on google alone according to It is important to establish a strong search presence on search engines. And while it is possible for social media pages to show in search engines, most prefer websites. as it’s much more difficult to sift through social media pages.

Most will believe that yes, they do appear in searches for general terms like plumbers in x city. But what we are talking about is showing up for other specific queries potential customers may be searching for. What if that person is not at the stage of needing a plumber or doesn’t know that their issue requires a plumber? They may be searching for something else. Smart businesses through SEO (search engine optimization) can attract more customers and get found online more frequently.

5) A website is your digital store

Your website is a place where visitors can purchase your products or book your services. It can also sell your brand to new customers who prefer to search for a brand outside of social media before making a purchase. Your website works 24/7 as a complete store where customers can:

  • View products/services,
  • Learn more about them,
  • watch videos about them,
  • Check what others think about them(reviews)
  • And then make a purchase.
  • A website allows learn more about your customers

The visitors that search engines and other platforms drive to your website can be analyzed in detail and used to improve your marketing efforts. Websites allow you to track what your visitors are doing when they visit, where they visit from, the type of device they use, and much more. With all this analytical treasure you can significantly improve your marketing efforts and invest more on what is working.

Additionally, you can use this wealth of information to improve your website and add helpful content for your visitors. If used correctly, it can boost business and increase revenue.

6) A website is here to stay

The 6th reason why a website is still relevant to your business is that, social media focuses on what is hot right now. What’s trendy? But we all know that what is hot, and trendy today can be dull and forgotten tomorrow. Social media is for highlighting what’s new, while a website is for what’s here to stay.

In summary: social media should lead to your website not replace it

Social media is a vital part of marketing your business online. But it should not replace your website or stand without it. While it may be cost to start out with a social media its important to add your website to your online presence as it plays a major role in attracting customers. At the end of the day that’s what most businesses want right? To improve revenue and grow to reach even more customers. So, yes a website is still relevant to your business, especially if you plan on being in business for as long as possible. While it can be difficult to understand marketing as a new business it’s important to spend time learning it so your business can survive.

Think of your website as the trunk of your online presence while social media platforms are branches that expand out to attract more customers.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable and professional website design agency that cares and will ensure you get the most out of your website, send us a message. Or schedule a quick call so we can discuss your business and vision.