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Ongoing website maintenance is necessary to keep a website running smoothly. We call this, Website Care Service at 658 Designz. Because it’s more like nurturing a website to get optimal performance.

Core website Care services

Website Maintenance Jamaica

Our Website care service covers more than 10 vital services that every website needs to stay healthy and running smoothly. Such as, monthly updates, backups, security checks, Hosting, SSL, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Email and more. Not sure if your website needs maintenance? Then check out our blog post 15 benefits of website maintenance for more. 

Website Maintenance Jamaica

Services Included
Website Maintenance Jamaica


 This involves website performance and stability testing, Analytics tracking, and Google SEO monitoring. Additionally we offer tips and advice related to owning and managing a website. Plus, Top-Quality, proactive customer service


Includes all updates to the site minus major page additions and full website redesigns. Also, most update requests are fulfilled within 24 hours due to our Top-Quality customer service. 


This Involves daily site backup. Lock down site to prevent hackers. Monitoring for security updates and patches. And, for eCommerce sites, we maintain active SSL certificate to secure the checkout process.


Includes, domain registration and website hosting to make the custom domain name and website design live on the Internet. Additionally, we manage web hosting and monitor its uptime monthly.


We provide hosting for the email address and support when you have issues. Additionally, we also help set it up on all your devices. A typical domain business email address format is contact @ YourBusiness.com. Which helps give your business a  professional appearance. It is also possible for you to have multiple email addresses from your domain. 


We connect and monitor your website for SEO Improvements and issues using Google Webmaster Tools. In fact this is a tool provided by Google particularly for webmasters. In summary, It provides insights on the pages they’ve crawled(visit) on your website and tips on improving your ranking.

Uptime Monitoring

Websites managed by us are monitored every 10 minutes for downtime. Why is this important? Imagine this scenario: You open your website only to find a blank screen. But, how long has it been that way? Days? Weeks? In the event that that happens our monitoring service let’s us know in minutes.


An SSL Ensures that your website is secure by encrypting the traffic to and from it. Today SSL is not only for eCommerce, but all websites because web browsers will list any website without SSL as NOT SECURE. On the positive side some benefits are increased security, search engine ranking and trust.

Change Detection

What if your website is online but is has become filled with all kinds of random text/code/spam? Adult content? Etc. How would you address and fix this? Well, you would be happy to know that, all our client’s websites are scanned line-by-line each day. Mainly to see if anything unexpected has popped up and corrected where necessary.

Local Listings

One of the biggest deterrents to customers is local listings with incorrect information. Avoid this. Ensure that your business information is up to date. To clarify, we keep your business name, address, email, phone number, and opening hours accurate on your local listings. Such as Google My Business, Google Maps, and Facebook.

Social Media

We are available to assist with your social media efforts. This includes setting up your social accounts, optimizing your profile and linking your website. Additionally,  We can connect you with dedicated social media managers who will create and post quality content on your behalf.

Virus Detection

We constantly monitor your website for viruses and suspicious activity. If your website does get hacked (even with all the security measures in place), we take the time to remove the virus, clean up the website, restore the data, and remove your site from search engine blacklists.

Still not sure if your website needs maintenance?

Are you still unsure if your website needs maintenance? Check out our trending blog post on 15 reasons why your website needs maintenance for more. 

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