15 reason why your website needs maintenance

Top 15 Benefits of Website Maintenance | 2022

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15 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Maintenance

Do you know the benefits of a website maintenance plan? Think about what happens after a website is launched? Should it just sit there and be allowed to support itself? How will it be updated with fresh content, stay safe from attackers, and continue to attract customers?

Guess what? That’s where a website maintenance service is highly valuable, it ensures your website evolves with the times. Imagine a car that is not maintained vs one that is regularly serviced and maintained. Which one would most likely keep running optimal for longer? Websites need ongoing maintenance to keep it running optimally. In this article we will discuss the top 15 reasons your website needs maintenance in 2022. But first what exactly is website maintenance?


What is website maintenance?


Website maintenance or website care as we call it, is an ongoing service offered to keep websites updated, protected, and relevant. It covers vital services that will help websites rank better in google, keep customers updated, creates backups, check for safety breaches and much much more. Our website care service is how we care for your website as it grows.

Need to know more about website care service? Let’s look 15 main benefits of website maintenance.

15 major benefits of website maintenance

1. Domain Registration

The first thing all websites need is a domain name. What will you name your website? The domain is the name of the website.eg (mydomainname.com). Under our website care service, we will assist you to successfully register your domain or alternatively register it for you. Making the process as easy as possible.

Domain Name

2. Website Hosting

Website hosting

Website hosting and domain names go hand in hand. A domain name is like an address while hosting is the actual location where a website lives. It stores all the information and produces it to all website visitors. 

We have high quality hosting servers that are both secure and fast. With hosting you get what you pay for, and some economy servers can slow down your website and may even be easily hacked. Our severs are both affordable and reliable giving you the best of both worlds.

3. Updates

WordPress themes and plugins that run your website needs to be updated on an ongoing basis. As this keeps your website safe from the latest security vulnerabilities. We safely update and backup your website in the background, so your website keeps running smoothly.

Website updates (website maintenance)

4. Backups

website maintenance backups

Ever wondered what would happen if your website crashed? What would happen to all your content, data, and settings? Our website care package safely takes care of this for you. We keep daily backups of your website on several different locations (cloud plus locally). So, if a catastrophic accident happens your website can be back up and running as quickly as possible. We keep your data safe. This is one of the most critical benefits of website maintenance.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine optimization care service ensures that your website is designed and ready to rank high in searches. We connect your website to SEO tools to monitor it for ranking improvements. Additionally, we provide monthly reports and recommendations to improve your website’s SEO. There is also our separate dedicated SEO service which covers much more ranking factors. Such as:

  • Backlinks (to rank sites higher)
  • Keyword researching (to discover the best words to rank your website for)
  • Content writing (a crucial part of ranking a website better is high quality consistent content)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

6. Security (SSL)


All websites must be properly secured with an SSL certificate. If not, the website will display a red not secure symbol in the top left corner. Google also penalizes websites that are not secure by ranking them lower in searches. We ensure your website is always secured by a Security certificate (SSL). That way your visitor’s information is safe, and you receive the added benefit of higher search rankings.


Owning your own website can be new and mysterious. Who do you ask for help? You guessed it. Feel free to ask us questions about your website. As part of our website care package, we provide support. We are here to help you can reach us by text, call or email. Whichever is easiest for you.

Website support

8.Virus scan

Virus Scan

Unfortunately, with all things online viruses and hacks can occur. Even with tight security measures in place. We regularly monitor your website and scan for viruses. In the even that a virus in found we take time to:

  • Remove the virus
  • Clean the website
  • Restore all data
  • Get it back up and running quickly

We do our best to ensure that your website stays safe at all times.

9. Uptime monitoring

Our servers are high quality with over 95% uptime. Therefore, your website is always available and accessible by your visitors. Additionally, we monitor your website for any extended period of downtime (anytime over 5 minutes). If there is a downtime, we proactively investigate it and solve the problem ASAP.

Website Care Uptime Monitoring

10. Email Hosting

Email Hosting

Upgrade your business to a professional email address that includes your domain name. Eg [email protected] instead of info@gmail yahoo or Hotmail.com. We set up and Provide hosting for professional email accounts as well as assist if there are any issues. Need your email on your phone as well as your PC? We help set up your email address on multiple devices so you can access your emails conveniently.

11. Local listing

Ever heard of google my business? It’s the little map feature result that appears when you search for a local business. We can help set up and manage your google my business account to ensure that it is constantly up to date. Additionally, we ensure that your business name, phone number, address and email address are correct on your local listings.

Local Listings

12. Social media updates

In today’s world maintaining a social media presence is crucial for businesses. We can help set up your social media accounts and update your general contact information across all major platforms. (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook). If necessary, we can link you with a knowledgeable social media manager to manage your accounts. 

13. Analytics

To understand how well your website is performing it is important to track its activities. And there is no better source than google itself. We install and monitor google analytics on your website to track real time data on your site’s visitors. Some of the information provided monthly are:

  • How many people visited your website?
  • What device were they using (tablet, Phone, PC)
  • Where in the world your visitors are from?
  • How long they stayed on your website
  • How did they find your website?

And much more data is available. This data can be used to improve your SEO, improve current web pages, and assist you in improving your website. We monitor all of this and send you monthly reports.

Google analytics

14. Performance Optimization

Performance Uptimization

One of the major causes of slow websites are high-definition photos and videos. These can use up valuable server resources and cause lengthy load time for your website. To combat this, we ensure that all media content is properly optimized before posting them on your website. 

For example, a high-definition photo from your smartphone that is around 4MB can be optimized to around 100KB. And most importantly without loosing any or much of the quality. This simple optimization can drastically improve your websites loading speed.

15. Content Updates

How do you keep your website up to date with new information? Eg price updates, service updates, special messages, or new testimonials? With our website care service, you can make any changes you like, and we will update them for you. We are available by text, phone, or email to attend to your update requests.

Content Updates

There you have it 15 major benefits of website maintenance (website care) to businesses. Do you need website care service for your website? We are here to help. Just send us a message or call for more information.

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