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We build professional websites to help businesses in Kingston grow and establish a credible presence online. 

Kingston Website design & SEO

658 Designz provides quality website design, Development, and SEO services to businesses in Kingston. Do you own a business that has little to no presence online? It may be time to make the first step and put your business online in style. 

Why choose us?

With a professional website designed by us your business will benefit from the exposure it deserves. We match your website to your brand by listening to your business story and creating the website that will accurately represent it . In addition to creating new websites, we work with businesses in Kingston to maintain, redesign or optimize their website to be found easier on google by potential customers (Search Engine Optimization). 

Our website design process

658 Designz website design process

Website design Kingston Jamaica

Initial Stages

Discussion With Client

The first part of our initial stage is to speak with a prospective customer (someone who has indicated an interest in our services). This initial conversation can often last between 15 mins to 45 mins. During this call, we will ask questions to better understand the business, its history, where it is now, the vision for the future, etc. Potential customers are free to ask any questions they have on this call to make the process easier. 

Proposal & Quotation

After our discussion with a potential client, we will use the information to produce the quotation and proposal. Each quotation is unique and tailored specifically for the type of business or brand owner. While the proposal explains in more detail the scope of the project and what is  required for the next few steps.  

A simple agreement along with the invoice for a 50% deposit

Once the proposal is accepted and the price is agreed upon. Then the next step is to browse our simple agreement and make the initial 50% deposit. In our agreement, we explain the scope of the work to be completed, the term, guidelines, and more. This is also the stage where we will let you know what is needed on your end for us to begin the design of your website. While it varies for each website design some of the most popular requirements are:

  •  Website name
  • Logo 
  • Color scheme
  • Photos or graphics for the website
  • Content 
  • examples of preferred  website design 

Website design Kingston Jamaica


Design Mockup or initial design of website

Now we have reached the design stage. Good news in the stage we begin the initial design of the website. This involves designing the home page and other necessary pages. A link to view the work in progress is provided to the client so you can check out the website at any point. The time frame for this stage can be from 2 weeks up to 8 weeks depending on the scope/size of the website. 


Once the initial design has been completed the client can now suggest changes to the website. In this stage, we will communicate to ensure that the website meets expectations and make necessary revisions. This stage is most exciting for some clients because they get to have a say in the design of the website and watch it come to life. 

Finalize the design

Once all adjustments have been made then the next stage is to finalize the design. This is where we ensure that the design meets the client’s expectations and that we are clear to move to the next stage of the design process. 

Website design Kingston Jamaica


Add special functionalities to the website

Once the design is complete then the next stage is to add functionalities to the website. Some common functionalities that are added to websites are:

  • Contact form 
  • Booking form
  • Ecommerce functionality 
  • Pop-up form
  • Newsletter form
  • Map 
  • Price converter 
  • Special navigation


Test Website

After the special functionalities are added to the website the next step is to test the website. We want to ensure that your website is fully functional before it goes live. That is why we do a complete test of the website. By testing all forms and functionalities, loading each page, testing website speed, and checking mobile responsiveness. In this stage, we ensure that all systems are running and we normally encourage the website owner to do their own tests. Because two pairs of eyes are better than one.  

Finalize the development

Once all tests are complete and the website is fully functional, then the development stage is complete.  


Final 50% balance payment

Now that both the design and development are complete then the remaining 50% deposit is required. 

Website goes live

Hurray!! It’s now time for the website to go live. We will make the necessary adjustments to the website so that it can go live to the world. You can now show off your newly designed website to friends, family, and best of all customers. 

Website Maintenance

Wait there is more? Yes. We also provide maintenance to ensure that the website stays live and running optimally. We also provide support as we understand that having a new website can be a new journey for a website owner. The last thing we would want is to just create a website and leave our client without a trace. As we believe a website is a long-term solution that will require ongoing adjustments tweaks and improvements to adequately achieve meaningful goals.  

Do you need a website?

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