Jamaican Beautician website

Jamaican Beautician Website Sexy & Sleek About Design This is a Jamaican beautician website created for Sexy and Sleek. They are a beauty salon that also sells a few products so they approached 658 Designz to create a website to match their brand. We spoke with them to learn more about them and then designed this website using their vibrant color scheme from their logo. Once the website was finished they loved it so much. It has 4 main pages and a dedicated shop page that displays their products, cart, and checkout info. The website is responsive and fast. It looks great on all types of devices and loads quickly. Check it out for yourself. Mobile View This is the mobile view of Sexy And Sleek’s website Tablet View Of Website This is how the website adapts to tablet screens Laptop View Of Website This is how the website adapts to Laptop and bigger desktop screens Do You like this design? Contact us or schedule a call back to see what we can do for you. Dedicated Shop page Sexy and sleek wanted to create a shop page to compliment their website and add a way for visitors to purchase products from them online. At this time this is cutting edge for beauticians and other stylist because most still prefer to use the traditional physical store route only. check it out below. Need a beauty website like this for your services? Contact us and let us know. Or simply schedule a call with us. We will call you on a mutually beneficial time to speak and see if it’s wise to work together.

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